In Press

Our most recent science highlighted. Click for link to PDF.

Chavarie, L., W.J. Harford, K.L. Howland, J. Fitzsimons, A.M., Muir, C.C. Krueger, and W.M. Tonn. 2016. Multiple generalist morphs of Lake Trout: Avoiding constraints on the evolution of intraspecific divergence? Ecology and Evolution. 10.1002/ece3.2506.PDF

Chavarie, L., A.M., Muir, M.S. Zimmerman, S.M. Baillie, M.J. Hansen, N.A. Nate, D.L. Yule, T. Middel, P. Bentzen, and C.C. Krueger. 2016. Challenge to the model of lake charr evolution: shallow- and deep-water morphs exist within a small postglacial lake. Biological Journal of the Linnaean Society.PDF

Perreault-Payette, A., A.M. Muir, F. Goetz, C. Perrier, E. Normandeau, P. Sirois, and L. Bernatchez. In Press. Investigating the extent of parallelism in morphological and genomic divergence among lake trout ecotypes in Lake Superior. Molecular Ecology.

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